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Why I Started Vote Only Women

Updated: Jul 28, 2018

Family and friends were curious as to why a clinician would suddenly decide to create a website and start fighting to gain parity in Congress. I think most of them thought it was rather sweet, a last hurrah, etc. Well, as long as I am "breathing" I will be fighting for something. It is just my nature.

The first part of my life was getting an education, marriage, five wonderful children and finally a new beginning when I took the GRE for graduate school and became a clinical social worker. I worked in psych hospitals with alcoholics and drug addicts, men and women with PTSD and depression and eventually with teenagers and families.

The point of this brief history is to let you know this page is just another way to fight for a future I can envision but may not get to see. Throughout my life there was one theme that played constantly in the background...subtle at times...loud and clear at others. As a woman, I had to try harder, work longer hours for less money and I would always be starting out at a disadvantage to male counterparts. I still succeeded but it was much harder. I have watched my own well educated daughters struggle with this reality and so I decided to try to do something.

So, when an accident forced me into early retirement, I spent a lot of time reading and recuperating. I read how the 2018 midterm elections were full of women candidates but that few would actually be elected and I wanted to know why. So I researched and found that there exists a national political bias against women candidates, which is why they have to be literally "super women" to get any backing. And I thought, this is wrong!

After more research I discovered that though women make up 50.8% of the US population, only 19.4% of Congress are women. This blew my mind because women are perpetuating this situation every time we choose a man over a woman.

So, I thought, enough. It is time for women to support women and it is time for men to recognize that women deserve their vote. So Vote Only Women was born. I am not for or against any political party or candidate. I am sick of platforms that seem to disappear after the election. I am done with promises and want to see some real action in helping women take their rightful place in national, state and local government.

For my children and grandchildren I want to see much needed change. I want to leave them a world where men and women have the same chance for political office, the same chance in corporate offices. The younger generation seem to understand the necessity for this, so maybe we Baby Boomers and older voters should listen to them a little more. They are not frightened by change, they embrace it.

Take the VOW and Vote Now...Vote Only Women.


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