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Congress is broken.  Republicans and Democrats are both guilty of the BLAME GAME.  Attacking one another takes precedence but, real progress gets lost in the rhetoric.   


It is time for women and men to join in a revolution that will upend politics as we know it.  

Neither party will be able to withstand the powerful message of "Vote Only Women."  They will have to listen, change how and who they select to support in elections.   It is an idea whose time has come and in the long term, all Americans will benefit.

The United States has been at the forefront of many social movements.  Civil Rights, Disability Rights,

Human Rights, Gay Rights, Farm Workers, etc. to name but a few.  Women were absolutely integral to all these movements, yet where is the equality we fought so hard to achieve for others?

How many more mountains must we climb to reach equality in representation?

         The New Silent Majority

Women make up 50.8% of the population of the United States but only 19.4% of Congress.  This 31.4% disparity in representation has resulted in women's voices being muted in the political arena.  Women may have the right to vote but also need the will to change the status quo.


Vote Only Women is seeking real parity, regardless of party affiliation.  Vote Only Women is asking both men and women to vote for any woman currently running for office.  The time has come for change.   Take the Vow Now!

Record Numbers of Women Running for Office                                         May Not Mean Big Gains In Congress

We believe men and women will embrace much needed change.
We can define our future by deliberately overturning the current political landscape.  Parity not Party!

According to a Bloomberg article published on May 7, 2018, "It may be the year of the woman in U.S. politics, but that doesn't Mean female candidates have an easy road ahead.  The historic jump in major party candidates arises from multiple influences: the potency of the #MeToo Movement against sexual harassment, an expanded bench of women in local and state offices, and-at least among some Democratic women-the victory of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton."

None of these reasons are why we are promoting Vote Only Women.  Political party affiliation is NOT our concern.

We are solely interested in promoting equality of representation by gender.  We ask that you simply Vote Only Women.

Politico site information.

Our Mission

Our singular goal is to gain more equality of representation in both houses of Congress, regardless of party affiliation.  If a woman is running against a man, vote for the women. 


Women have to be overly qualified to run for political office.  Then, it is still an uphill battle to beat any male candidate.  This is a documented and well researched political bias in the United States. 

It is time for a major change!


Our Vision

Vote Only Women is promoting a social and political change in America.


Men have dominated the political arena since the beginning of our great country.  But, women and men have created this disparity.  We have elected principally men and too often disparaged women who attempt election to political office.  


Sadly, America has become divided into Red and Blue States.  Our political parties and a 24-hour news cycle seem to be driving ever deeper wedges between Democrats and Republicans


Perhaps it is time to ReUnite to preserve the 

democracy for whom so many have freely given their lives.


VOTE ONLY WOMEN until we have more equal representation in both houses of Congress.  Vote the man of your choice Only if he is not opposed by a woman.  


VOW now to Vote Only Women.



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